Our Mission

Kids need more time to develop healthy and secure identities before they’re exposed to the minefield of social media. We’re urging the government to change policy and raise the threshold for social media citizenship. This means delaying the age teenagers can sign up for social media accounts from 13 to 16 - 36 Months.

Why 16?

We’re raising an anxious generation. Excessive social media use is rewiring young brains within a critical window of psychological development, causing an epidemic of mental illness.

At 13, children are not yet ready to navigate online social networks safely. These years are crucial for them to develop a secure sense of self alongside social confidence. 36 Months aims to create a supportive platform for teenagers to cultivate a secure identity and navigate the digital landscape with resilience and mindfulness.

Each notification, like, or comment triggers a dopamine release, creating a reward loop that keeps teenagers engaged and returning for more. The anticipation of receiving these rewards and the pleasure derived from them can make social media usage addictive and difficult to resist.

What Platforms?

Any social network that encourages interaction through addictive features. These might include infinite scroll, scores, streaks, likes, comments, shares and other functions of a similar nature. Popular social media apps that fall within this criteria are X, TikTok, Linked-In, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

In order to safeguard their digital future, we think 13yr olds should take another 36 months to get to know themselves before the world does. We’re calling on families, community leaders and educators to advocate for crucial policy change and sign this petition that will be taken to parliament.

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36 Months is the brainchild of co-founders Michael Wipfli aka Wippa, co-host of the Fitzy, Wippa & Kate Ritchie breakfast show on Nova 96.9 Sydney; and Rob Galluzzo, founder of film production company FINCH.

Michael Wipfli
Rob Galluzzo